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Date:2011年12月26日 14:29

    Hebei baicheng chemical Co., LTD. Is the guiding of science and technology enterprise, hebei university luminescence materials research base. And hebei university, Beijing industry and commerce university, tsinghua university, hebei university, national electric light source such as institute of dozens of colleges and universities and scientific research units established the stable cooperation relations, the high-tech talent and new technical reserves and efficient information support for product update and enterprise development laid solid foundation.


    Enterprise relying on science and technology, enhance the market competitive power, has seen rapid development. Has developed for the luminescence materials is given priority to, high purity inorganic salt materials, fluorescent lamp, signs, carton, color printing packing and so on the many kinds of products compatible, seriation, pluralistic development pattern. The core enterprise for hebei Andrew by chemical Co., LTD., the factory production "made car" brand phosphor for many years been named hebei province quality products, production and sales and market share is the country with the industry in the first, is the largest, most complete varieties of phosphor production enterprise.


    Rely on scientific and technological innovation, car group has made to the high-tech, modernization and internationalization of large-scale enterprise group direction, and constantly honors for the world.

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