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Why rare earth strife

Date:2012年5月4日 14:04

    Rare earth is a variety of high technology in the processing of essential minerals, the most notable feature is the ability to greatly improve the quality and properties of other products, it is from the arms to the BlackBerry ( BlackBerry ), a large number of products are necessary to produce17kinds of chemical elements. Rare earth uses a wide range, known as the" industrial vitamin"," industrial gold" laudatory name.


    China rare earth resources accounted for36.4% of world output, but production has accounted for90% of global production, export volume ranking first in the world, taking over 90% of the world's supply of rare earths. Prior to 2010, China rare earth long-term supply the global market, an adequate supply of cheap rare earth once. With the development of China's economy and resources environment problem has, since 2008, for the protection of rare earth resources, China began on the rare earth production to strengthen the management, including the implementation of export quota management system. The second half of 2010, China has introduced more stringent rare earth export quota system.

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